Apple Vinegar Honey 1.5kg

Apple Vinegar Honey is a perfect blend of fermented apple juice and natural honey. Apple Vinegar is widely known to bring a whole host of health benefits such as relieving constipation. Combined with honey, its taste evolve into one that's sweet and tart. It can act as a good alternative for fruit juices and is popular with young children and adults alike.

Ours honey product is Halal Certified and a Product of Singapore

Health Benefits include 功效:
  • Facilitates weight loss 助于瘦身
  • Aids digestion 助于消化
  • Alleviates constipation 缓节便秘
  • Regulates blood sugar level 调节血糖
  • Regulates cholesterol 调节胆固醇
  • Anti-cancer properties 抗癌特性
  • Anti-bacteria 抗菌性能

Suggested Servings: 2 Table Spoons for Adults, 1 Table Spoon for Children

Model:TS250-AV/ TS850-AV/ TS15K-AV
Weight:250g/ 850g/ 1.5Kg

Product May Cause Allergy