Honey Sticks 7g

Honey Sticks - Multi Floral Honey 杂花蜜

Honey Sticks are the perfect treat for anyone with a sugar crave. The hassle-free packaging makes it convenient for honey lovers to enjoy it anytime and anywhere they go. The multi flora honey has antiseptic properties which aids in better digestion and stronger immunity.

  • Gathered from the nectar of different flowers (including but not limited to durian, palm, rubber, and pineapple), multi-floral honey is an exotic mix of flavours and boasts the scent of flowers.
  • Health Benefits Include 功效:
  • Anti-inflammation抗炎
  • Soothes and clears throat助于润喉
  • Reduces gastrointestinal disorders减少胃肠道疾病
  • Lifts energy提升能量
  • Builds immune system建立免疫系统
  • Improves sleep改善睡眠

Ours honey product is Halal Certified and a Product of Singapore